PTFE Zone-Tapes and PTFE lubricant

At Böhme-Kunststofftechnik you’ll receive PTFE Zone-Tapes as well as universal lubricating grease with fluorpolymer fine powder. PTFE Zone-Tapes are specifically devised for a covering of welding bars. They do allow the welding rod to expand. Our PTFE lubricant is universally usable and available in various kinds. Further we do provide a wide range of PTFE glass fabric films and conveyor belts. Based on their chemical resistance and mechanical strength at high temperatures our products can be used in a wide range of different applications. We do offer you individual products made of fluor plastics.

PTFE Zone-Tapes

  • PTFE Zone-Tapes can be used for a covering or sticking of welding rods
  • Advantage: welding rod can expand


PTFE universal lubricating grease

For universal use in different versions. All lubricants contain fluorpolymer fine powder, dissolved in mineral oil.


Typical characteristics:

  • excellent slide properties
  • water resistant
  • ultrapure
  • ageing resistant
  • no dehydrating effect
  • thermal use from -50° up to +200°C


We provide PTFE products in highest quality

We are focused on the quality of all our products: whether PTFE Zone-Tapes, glass fabric films with PTFE coating, PTFE conveyor belts or other products: We do develop exclusively long-lasting materials taking under consideration the aspect of efficiency. You can trust in our quality – our development, manufacturing and sales areas are constantly certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Motivated employees with long-term experience will find individual and high-grade quality products which will optimize your work.

Do you have questions in regards to PTFE Zone-Tapes or other of our certified PTFE products? Don’t hesitate to contact us. On request we do also advice you on-site.


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