In different qualities


During the welding of PVC window profiles PTFE release sheets provide an ideal support. Based on their nonstick characteristics and high thermal stability up to approx. 260°C this film prevents adhesion of molten materials during the heating process. Our PTFE release sheets are available in 4 excellent qualities and various designs according to your needs; for example as sleeves, endless films, precuts and self-adhesive versions. We do provide ready-to-use sheets for all brands of welding machines as well as individual sizes.


PTFE films by Böhme, your advantages: excellent welding results and efficiency

We highly value customer satisfaction! This is why we exclusively produce premium quality products which are characterized by high utility, efficiency and profitability. In close cooperation with machine fabricators we detect your individual requirements to be able to produce sheets that do perfectly fit acc. to your demands. During the production process we adhere closely to quality standards as well as legal and regulatory obligations. Any fabrics from Boehme-Kunststofftechnik will ensure premium results, ideal welding conditions as well as increased profitability through extended endurance.

Do you have questions or wish to receive an individual solution? We’ll be glad to assist you! Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We also do provide an on-site service in your company to speak about your ideas and suggestions.

Böhme-Kunststofftechnik provides:

  • 4 excellent qualities
  • an own product optimized development
  • a leading product range
  • competent, customer orientated advice
  • an international customer network
  • „Made in EU“, taylor-made by Böhme
  • certified acc. to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • competence through product Know-how

Your advantages:

  • an optimal product quality with an excellent corner strength of window profiles
  • excellent welding results
  • an enhanced efficiency through high film durabilties
  • satisfaction based on individual solutions
  • partnership based cooperation


In order to increase the service life of your PTFE glass fabric, we recommend you to use our Boehme Raclette for cleaning.


Standard Brown

  • Standard fabric
  • Thickness approx. 0,13 mm, approx. 0,15 mm, approx. 0,25 mm
  • PTFE-Content depending on thickness < 65 %
  • Temperature resistance up to +260 °C

Premium Brown

  • Special fabric
  • Thickness approx. 0,15 mm
  • PTFE-Content > 65 %
  • Temperature resistance up to +260 °C


  • Laminate + PTFE Laminate
  • Thickness approx. 0,17 mm
  • PTFE-Content > 65 %
  • Additional surface treatment
  • Very high durability


  • Filmlaminate
  • Thickness approx. 0,16 mm
  • PTFE-Content > 65 %
  • Special PTFE coating plus PTFE laminate
  • Exceptional high endurance due to special antiadhesive surface


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