PTFE Coatings

Anti-stick coatings, corrosion protection

One step ahead with focused competence and experience

An effective surface protection starts already with a conformal construction of the work part, which has to be coated. To avoid any possible mistake from the beginning, we will support you with our experienced knowledge for the construction of your work part according to DIN EN 14879-1 to choose the right material of your parts as well as the right coating in accordance with the chemical, physical an mechanic treatment and of course under the aspect of cost effectiveness. Benefit from our experience with chemical resistance on different coating materials.

Our efforts are focused on customer satisfaction – our employees will support you with qualified information and a remarkable expertise. Trust in our quality and delivery reliability.

Anticorrosive coating

Fluor-plastic coatings, Duroplast coatings, Thermoplastic coatings, Powder coatings


E-CTFE-(Halar®), ETFE, PFA, PFA RUBY RED®, Phenolresin, PROCO-EMAIL schwarz®., Epoxyresin, ChemLINE 784®, Polyesterresin, PA 11(Rislan®)

Specific features :

  • partly with food admission
  • partly with FDA admission
  • available electrical conductive

Antistick- and slide coating

Coating with dispersion and powder coating


PTFE-(Teflon®, Greblon®,Xylan®,Ilaflon®), FEP (Teflon®), MOS2, PEEK, Nanotechnologies


  • Different kind of blasting plants up to 10m length for corundum and glass beads with different size of granularity
  • Blasting with corundum according to DIN EN 12944-4
  • Devarnishing with pyrolysis
  • Thermic degreasing
  • Chemical treatment


  • 10 enameling and sintering furnaces
  • Temperatures up to 500°C
  • Unit weight up to 8t
  • Max. measurements 3,10 m x 3,10 m x10,00m

On request we do provide:

  • Technical data sheets for our procedures (take a look at
  • Extensive lists of resistance

We do prepare for you:

  • Coatings of test-products to test the resistance
  • Coating of samples
  • Exterior ground coating and cover-vanishing
  • Mechanical treatments
  • Factory certification according to DIN EN 14879-2

Additional services: 

  • TÜV (or other laboratory assessment) accreditation
  • Training courses
  • Repairs
  • Logistic solutions

Your branch is our 2nd home

Food industry, tank and apparatus construction, semiconductor industry, polymer processing industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, engine construction, transportation and logistic branch, textile, paper and foil industry


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