Welding plates ready-to-use, cleaning accessories and milling cutters for welding machines, e.g. for Graf Synergy machines

Welding plates ready-to-install
(150 or 195 x 220 x 3 or 5 mm)

Recoating of used welding plates


Perforated brushes 20cm
Fibers: aramid, fixing: PVC
Fibers: brass, fixing: PVC

Brush strips
Fibers: aramid, fixing: aluminum

Brushes for manual use
Fibers: aramid
Fibers: brass

Disc brushes for milling
ø 79 mm
ø 56 mm

Roughing, finishing mill for PVC profiles
Cutter (PKD) for glass-fibre reinforced profiles
clockwise and counterclockwise rotation


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